Witty’s Lagoon, Vancouver Island Day Trips

I look forward to summer holidays as much as my kids do, but I must admit, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with kid-approved ways to spend the day.  My kids never say no to Witty’s Lagoon.  All I have to say is “beach”, and they are scrambling for swim suits.



Quite often, however, the thought of going to the beach can bring visions of packing coolers and necessities for a full day trip.  This alone can prove to be too much work on a whim, but Witty’s Lagoon is such a short distance away that we often throw a few snacks, some bottles of water and towels into the backpack, and we are on the road in half an hour for an afternoon of fun.

The only hurdle tends to be the distance from the parking lot to the beach.  Personally, I love the curly 1.1 km forest trail (complete with fantastic waterfall – at its grandest in winter months) and the the flowing Bilston Creek.  However,  what seems like fun on the way to the beach, can end up being a whine fest on the way back for tired kids.  It is at this point that I pull out my rewards.  The one that always seems to work, without fail, is the promise of ice cream from My Chosen Café.


Before/After Witty’s Lagoon Stop: My Chosen Café

Whether we stop in for a big breakfast on our way to the beach, or promise ice cream from the Sugar Shack on the way back, it fits the bill.  The kids love to jump out and see the goats at Critter’s Corner.  It is even a great idea to call ahead and order one of their incredible pizzas to pick up on your way to the beach. Lunch is served!!  Talk about the perfect picnic.


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How to get to Witty’s Lagoon

I know of two routes:  one that is significantly shorter at the end of Witty’s Beach Road and the other longer route behind the Nature Centre off Metchosin Road in Metchosin.  Metchosin is about 20 km from downtown Victoria.  The parking area at the end of Witty’s Beach Road is quite small and the stairwell to the beach is often washed out, resulting in the trail being closed.  Parking is strictly enforced in this area and results in many towed vehicles each summer.

The hike down (whichever route you choose) is certainly worth the trip and is quickly forgotten, even for a 3 year old.  In fact, we’ve done this twice in one week because it was just so much fun.


The beach is incredible and the kids spend the day collecting (and releasing) crabs, skim boarding and burying each other in the sand.  This area is absolutely perfect for young children.  When the tide is out, they can play for the entire day in ankle deep water, enjoying the fun.   The beach area has a washroom and picnic tables.

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It is my absolute favourite spot to go to when we don’t want to spend a lot of time driving.  Each time we go, I think of how incredibly lucky we are to have this amazing beach in our backyard.  Who needs to hop on a plane to a tropical island when we have so much beauty right here?

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Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park is located off Metchosin Road in Metchosin.  Phone (250) 474-PARK for seasonal hours.

To reach Tower Point, follow Duke Road to Olympic View Drive.

To reach Witty’s Beach, follow Witty Beach Road to the parking area.

For additional information call (250) 478-3344.



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